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Agriculture Industry In India

January 5, 2022 | agriculture | No Comments

Agriculture in India has a long history. Since more than 10,000 years majority of Indians are dependent on the industry. As agriculture is counted the main business of most of the people, it plays a significant role in the overall socio economic development of the country. According to the Annual Report 2009-2010 of the Ministry […]

Explant Fertilization in Flowers

December 23, 2021 | agriculture, land, nature | No Comments

In the plants , and those algae that share with the first having alternation of generations heterophasic, called sporophyte phase to diploid multicellular, which produces by meiosis spores haploid (meiosporas), whose development derived haploid individuals called gametophytes .A sporophyte develops by cell proliferation (mitosis) from a zygote formed by fertilization , ie, the fusion of […]

Benefits of Drip Irrigation System

November 10, 2021 | nature | No Comments

Drip irrigation can help you use water efficiently. It is a method of utilizing accurate and little sum of water and nutrients to particular areas of trees, shrubs, ground covers and potted plants. To use water resources advisably and to irrigate smartly is very important today.Drip irrigation is the accurate and slow delivery of water […]

Good paddock maintenance requires a little careful planning so that things that need to be done in the course of the year can be scheduled.Spring MaintenanceSpring is a good time of year to carry out a soil analysis. Soil fertility affects grass growth and this can check how healthy your soil is. Recommendations can be […]

Tractor Implements

August 14, 2021 | land | No Comments

Nothing could have been a blessing better than the Agricultural Equipment for a common farmer. Gone are the days when farmers performed these strenuous and tiring tasks by manual techniques. Now they have an opportunity to use innovative machinery to make their life easier. In the past few years agricultural sector has experienced gigantic and […]

Tree Farming

July 8, 2021 | agriculture, nature | No Comments

What is a tree farm, ever heard of such a thing? Well you can stop thinking Christmas scenes, and snow-men because I am not talking about Christmas trees. Although a tree farm may indeed have Christmas trees, in fact it can have any type of forestry - including all those evergreens that are used around […]