Benefits of Drip Irrigation System

Drip irrigation can help you use water efficiently. It is a method of utilizing accurate and little sum of water and nutrients to particular areas of trees, shrubs, ground covers and potted plants. To use water resources advisably and to irrigate smartly is very important today.Drip irrigation is the accurate and slow delivery of water to selected plantings. Drip irrigation is also known as micro irrigation or tickle irrigation. Its design is tailored to meet the needs and requirements while keeping accurate moisture level with in the root zones. It conserves the water efficiently and provides a proper balance of air and water, a successful plant growth needs.With the advent and benefits of drip Irrigation systems, farmers have turned to this system. They have enjoyed reduced costs from chemical inputs, labor, water runoff, energy and water while at the same time gainfulness by increasing quality and crop yield. It is a process in which the moisture level is maintained utterly in the root zone of plants. It avoids too wet or too dry swings of watering. An equal section of the root zone of the plant is maintained. For a better plant growth, a proper soil to water to plant relationship is maintained. Drip irrigation is an economical, effective and efficient method of watering.Drip irrigation is the accurate and slow delivery of water to selected plantings. It is when used properly, provides great benefits such as:??? Reduced Labor Costs??? Improved Environmental Quality??? Lower Energy Costs??? Increased Revenue from Increased Yields??? Reduced Water Costs??? Decreased Pesticide Costs??? Increased Revenue from Increased Quality??? Reduced Fertilizer CostsThe advantages for using drip irrigation system is as listed:1. With uneven topography or soil texture or those with oddly shaped fields, drip systems are adaptable. It is easily adaptable to the changing needs.2. If water is scarce or expensive, drip irrigation can be helpful.3. Prevents disease by minimizing water contact with the leaves, stems, and fruit of plants.4. Saves water, time, money because of its efficiency.5. Gives high effectiveness on uneven surface.6. It uses 40-50% less water than other watering methods.7. Water is only delivered where it’s needed.So these were some benefits of using drip irrigation system. Drip irrigation has more commonly been used in commercial nursery and agricultural operations, however, householders are beginning to take advantage of its uses and benefits.As a householder, you can use drip irrigation in your vegetable and perennial gardens and to water trees and shrubs as well. You can learn more and vast on how to make a drip irrigation system to educate your knowledge to a large extent.